Trigger Point Massage

Trigger Point Massage

Trigger points are tender spots that trigger pain and discomfort. We all experience these tender or sore spots at sometime or other.  We most commonly feel them in our shoulders and backs.  We experience trigger points or tender spots anywhere on the body.

Trigger points are located within or below the skin and when compressed they will usually become triggerpointmore tender or painful. They’re often associated with areas of pain and discomfort adjacent to or distant from the tender spot. These referred feelings can include strange sensations from a heavy or dull aching to searing hot pain, pins and needles or numbness to name a few.

The cause is a motor dysfunction within the muscle that is characterized by a band of increased density called a taut band within the belly of the muscle and a painful spot in the center of the band.

There are several different types of trigger point Active, Latent, Secondary, and Satellite. An active point is one which is currently triggering pain locally and in a referral area, a latent (or dormant) point is tender or painful only when compressed and may or may not also cause discomfort to a referral area. It has been suggested that a trigger point will often cause further trigger points in its referral area and associated muscle groups causing a cascading effect of trigger point creation; these are the satellite and secondary trigger points.


Trigger point Massage Session

A trigger point massage session will include applying pressure to the trigger point to break into the self-sustaining vicious circle that has kept the muscle contracted. This will increases the circulation, which has been restricted in the immediate area by the contracted fibers, and will enable oxygen and nutrients to flow to the spot. It directly stretches the trigger point’s knotted muscle fibers.

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