Hot stone Massage

Hot stone Massage

Hot Stone massage is a massage treatment that uses smooth basalt stones. Basalt stones are used in hot stone for their ability to retain heat and of their various shapes and sizes. Hot stone massage generally has to be prepared prior to the appointment. The therapist will warm up the muscles with a traditional massage technique. Then will begin to use the stones by placing them in various locations on the clients body, as well as, applying oil and using the warmed stones to actually massage.

Hot stone Massage

The stones are used to strip areas of restriction or over contraction which helps to release adhesion, contractures, and lengthen shortened tissues. Using hot stones allows the therapist to reach deeper layers of tissue during the massage.

The stones themselves act as a type of hydrotherapy drawing out and adding heat to relax the nervous system and ground ones energy. The heat from the stones is quite effective at changing the collagen barrier thus increasing tissue length and mobilizing stiffness in the neck and spine. Hot stone massage is very therapeutic for chronic spinal dysfunctions such as ostearthritis, spondylosis, and degenerative joint / disk disease. When placed or used gently in freshly injured areas, cold stones are equally effective at reducing the inflammation process by slowing down the circulation, sensitivity to pain, and delivery of hisamines to the injury site. Also very soothing in that they increase the mobility of an acute injury which provides for quicker tissue repair.

The heated stones may be placed in specific places on the body including, points along the spine, in the palms of the hand or even between the toes. The stones may be placed over chakras, meridians, origin or insertions of any muscles involved to relax and re-balance the energy in problematic areas. As the stones cool, the therapist replaces it with another warm stone.


Hot stone massage is beneficial on both physical and psychological levels and may include the following:

Relaxation of muscles
Stress reduction
Release of toxins
Pain reduction
Improvement of circulation
Calmness of the mind
Reduction in symptoms of anxiety and depression
Reduction of insomnia
Arthritis discomfort may be reduced as the heat penetrates deep into the muscles relaxing them.