Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Techniques, and the Practice of Massage Therapy

Massage TherapyMassage Therapy may help by using touch to manipulate muscles soft tissue on the body. Through touch therapists are able to reduce pain and discomfort.
Massage therapists should complete a thorough intake process with you to determine the best focus for your bodywork.

While there are several different types of massage modalities, often our massage therapists use a combination of massage techniques  to help you reach your goals.

In the menu under massage therapy, we have a quick reference of some of the massage types we offer, however as a general practice we customize our bodywork to fit your needs.

Reasons to use Massage Therapy for your goals

Relieves Pain
Whether it’s chronic pain from an illness or cramps from excessive exercising, massage therapy is the key to relieving pain in a holistic, noninvasive manner. Massages provide pain relief through applied pressure, muscle relaxation and increased circulation.

Relieves Stress
One of the best ways to relieve stress and keep stress-hormone levels in control is to get regular massages. Massage therapy also raises the body’s production and release of endorphins that enhance your mood and boost immunity.

Increase circulation
Get your blood flowing and stimulate the lymphatic systems through regular massage therapy. Increased circulation improves blood flow, removes waste away from muscles and internal organs, lowers blood pressure and improves overall body function.

Improves posture and flexibility
Regular massage therapy can do wonders for your posture and flexibility. Massage therapy loosens and relaxes muscles, which relieves pressure points and gives joints a greater range of motion.

Flushes bodily toxins
Massage therapy plays an important role in clearing toxins from your body. Regular massages can flush out lactic acid build-up in muscles, promote sinus drainage, loosen mucus in the lungs and break up scar tissue.

Increases self-awareness
The mind-body connection is often overlooked in today’s fast-paced society. When you re-establish the connection with your body, you will experience greater ease of movement, a more centered feeling, and an enhanced feeling of well-being.

Promotes metal alertness
Although a massage can bring you into a state of deep relaxation, this is also a state of heightened mental alertness. Your mind is relaxed and calm, but acutely aware and in this state, capable of solving even the toughest problems!

Improves skin tissue
Can help with avoiding stretch marks and cellulite by increasing circulation.

Reduces swelling
Anytime you experience an injury, bodywork treatment can help the swelling and, similar to physical therapy, may assist in the healing and recovery. During rehabilitation, and even after massage therapy will help increase circulation, relax muscle, increase flexibility, posture and reduce recovery time.

Lowers blood pressure
Regular massages have been found to lower blood pressure, by reducing stress-hormone levels that increase the chance for depression, anxiety and anger. Being pain-and stress-free will greatly affect your blood pressure and allow you to relax your mind.


Massage Therapy

Common issues resolved by Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can assist in eliminating ailments that if left untreated become disease, or cause for surgeries.

Top 10 Ailments resolved by Massage Therapy
Carpel Tunnel • Plantar Fasciitis • Inflexibility • Scar Tissue • Depression • Tendonitis • Cellulite & Stretch Marks • Aches & Pains/Injuries • Sinus, Cold, Drainage Issues • Limb/Joint Numbness.