Tuning Forks

Theory behind tuning forks


Every atom, particle, and molecule is in constant vibration, aka a pulse. Pulse creates waves which our senses perceive as form (physical or etheric). Everything that has pulse, wave and form, has a sound.

The basic principle of healing with sound is based on the concept of resonance (vibratory frequency of an object.) The entire Universe is in a state of vibration. This includes human beings. Every organ, cell, bone, tissue and liquid of the body, and also the electromagnetic fields which surround the body (aura), has a healthy vibratory frequency. If we are not resonating with some part of ourselves or of our surroundings, we become dissonant and therefore unhealthy. Our naturally healthy frequency becomes a frequency that vibrates without harmony, creating illness.

Tuning Forks

Through the use of sound, and particularly our own voices, we can project the correct resonant frequency into, an unhealthy part of ourselves and return it to its normal frequency. The result of this would be considered “healing”.  This occurs through sympathetic resonance when one vibrating object influences another vibrating or even stationary object, causing changes in its vibratory rate. An extreme example is a singer’s pitch causing glass to shatter.


Once activated the stem of the activated fork can be placed on the bones and articulations to restore movement and flexibility, and aid the development of connective tissue. They stimulate the flow of lymph and blood to the point of application, speeding up the healing process, and promote deep relaxation. This stimulation can also eliminate the built up stress and toxins from the joints.

Placing the activated fork near the ears (no closer than 5cms) helps to balance and regulate the metabolism of all the organs, which have are a link to the auditory nerve. This also has a regulatory effect on the entire nervous system, creating deep relaxation or stimulation, depending on which forks are used.


What to expect in a session with tuning forks

Sessions may stay fully clothed, with shoes off. Clients will be laying down on a massage table for Tuning Forkscomfort.  Therapists will activate a tuning fork, by holding the single stem, and strike the fork on a block of hard rubber or wood covered in leather or fabric.

Using the “shu” points, which are the master points of each meridian, the Shiatsu points, reflexology points of the feet or spine, and other reflex points on the body, a vibratory signal will be sent strongly and rapidly.

There are several different types of tuning fork sets available. Each set is tuned to a different frequency, some examples are Qi activation, 7 and 8 pc chakra set, energy tuning fork, dna set, harmonic set, nerve set, planetary, angel tuning fork set.

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