Energy Balancing

Energy Balancing

Scientists now recognize that everything is made of energy. This energy has been called zero point

Energy Balancing

energy, life energy, or gone, chi, ki, prana, ether and by many other names. Some cultures, the mystics and shamen have know this for thousands of years. We are energetic beings moving through and interacting with a sea of energy. When this energy becomes disturbed by negative events or negative people it affects everyone – like a drunk staggering on the side-walk would affect the pedestrians.


When energy becomes unbalanced (negative) people become stressed, sick, suffer insomnia,and relationships become disharmonious. Even places retain that disturbed energy.To move on in our lives we need need to heal and balance them. The canvas that we paint our life on needs to be clean so that the colors are brilliant.

Energy balancing allows practitioners to clear, cleanse and balance your energy giving you a sense of freedom and clarity to move forward in your life.

Practitioners will restore your body’s full functioning and pain/stress free balance through an integration of Energy Medicine techniques and BodyMind healing modalities.

Techniques may include: Acupressure, Energy Meridian work, Reiki, Body Memory Recall, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Breath work, Spinal Lymphatic Flush, and other Energy Medicine applications.